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By Merrowen Mendoza on August 08, 2019 under News


QUEZON CITY - Two (2) male suspects were nabbed by the security team of Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) today, 08 August 2019, after stealing an approximately 10-meter long grounding cable along the tracks of Shaw Boulevard Station and Boni Station.

The 2 suspects, identified as Allan Garcia, 38 years old, resident of Mandaluyong City, and Jose Llaneta, 43 years old, resident of Caloocan City, are now in the custody of Mandaluyong Central Police Station for detention and inquest proceedings.

MRT-3 security personnel spotted the suspects carrying a sack and hurriedly fleeing from the pillar of MRT-3 Shaw Boulevard Station at 1:37AM.

During frisking, security personnel discovered the stolen electric cable inside the sack, as well as their paraphernalia such as pliers, hacksaw, wood saw, cutter, and assorted wrenches.


Grounding cable serves as a form of protection from electrical shocks. Establishing a ground in the electrical circuit minimizes the risk of these accidents.

"Although the incident has no impact on the operations of MRT-3's signalling system and Overhead Catenary System (OCS) power, the DOTr MRT-3 would like to assure the public that we will press charges against the suspects as a warning to those who intend to attempt to steal any property of the rail line," MRT-3 Director for Operations Michael Capati said.

To avoid recurrence of the incident, the MRT-3 will tighten security measures at the wayside so as to prevent trespassing and theft of conductors.

The rail line will also deploy additional security personnel to conduct frequent patrol on the mainline, particularly on street level areas, as well as a regular inspection and checking of mast-to-mast grounding cable between stations.